PreSchool Recordkeeping


Most of the "school work" done in the preschool years are hands-on activities, therefore most Preschool Portfolios in the pre-writing stage, only consist of the child's artwork. Keeping a comprehensive portfolio that covers all skill areas in Preschool can be a challenge. For example, how do you record what a child learned during a waterplay floating/sinking activity?

It is helpful to keep the Portfolio in mind when planning activities for the various subjects and skill ares. Hands-on activities can be adapted or supplemented by paper activities and simple worksheets that could go into the portfolio. For example, sorting objects in trays can be adapted to sorting shape-cutouts and glueing them in preprinted blocks on a page.

A great way to incorporate other skill areas in the portfolio is to take photographs of the child's participation in science explorations, dramatic play, construction projects, etc. A short description of the activity and some quotes of things the child said while engaged in the activity, can be included.

Simple checklists of the steps in a hands-on activity can also be created and placed in the Portfolio, and/or assessment sheets covering the developmental milestones for various skill areas.

The objective of each activity can also be included so that an outsider can read the portfolio and understand the purpose of the activity. For example, "Math: Sorting by Shape, Literacy: Retelling a story.

A short note assessing the child's performance may reflect whether the child achieved the objectives of the activity, or whether the child is working toward developing the skills.


Portfolio Format

Portfolios can be a scrapbook, a folder or any other form that displays the child's work. A binder with a clear pocket on the front cover can be used for each homeschool student. The child's name, age and a photograph can be placed on the front cover. The child's work can be placed in clear sheet protectors to allow the child to flip through their book to look at all their photos and work.

Articles and Examples of Preschool Portfolios  

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